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Our Work

We provide consultancy services for clients in the public or private sector ranging from (re)insurers, brokers, industry experts, development banks and risk engineers, 
we help our clients to develop new risk management solutions, instruments or programmes. This includes innovative insurance products and set up of distribution channels for insurance products.

b2bProtect focuses on those needs that cannot be satisfied with the current "standard solutions". In constant dialogue with the stakeholders involved, we assess climate risks and identify, analyse and develop risk management and insurance solutions. We also support public stakeholders to identify risk management approaches.

The field of parametric weather insurance is bundled under the brandname of WetterProtect. This refers to insurance solutions against (financial) losses caused by extreme weather events such as extreme precipitation, storms, flooding, severe wind or temperature.

Also we offer solutions for the renewable energy area. Under the brandname KlimaProtect we provide consultancy services for insurance solutions in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy production.

Furthermore, we cooperate with HI-Cube in the field of innovation and start-ups: From a dynamic infrastructure, together with founders, idea providers and companies, HI-Cube offers young and innovative startups ideal conditions to grow their business by providing access to industry experts, costumers and founders as well as mentoring and business model canvas.

90%of people impacted by disasters were affected by climate- and weather-related events